Study in The United States

The United States of America was founded in 1776, after thirteen colonies on the Eastern seaboard declared independence from the United Kingdom. Their resulting victory and Constitution would go on to inspire revolutions across the world, and the Founding Fathers of that movement are revered figures in American and world history.

A key cultural impact comes from Hollywood. This film centre is both the lifeblood of America’s second largest city Los Angeles and the most profitable film industry in the world, making up one of the nation’s largest economic exports.

Whether you prefer nature or a vibrant city, the US can be a truly incredible place to study. As well as beautiful scenery from the Rockies to the Florida Keys, the US can boast several amazing cities, including the multicultural New York City and the social and youth hubs of Austin and San Francisco.

Some of the world’s best universities are spread across the whole country. These institutions are highly developed in part thanks to massive public and private funding. Such is the dominance of American institutions that all universities rankings of recent years will have American colleges taking up between 60-75 per cent of the top 20 places.

Universities charge tuition in the United States, with costs varying depending on state or home country for international students. Another expense is healthcare, although payment plans will usually be offered through a host university.

Americans of history include Civil War president Abraham Lincoln, writer Mark Twain, and computer science pioneer Grace Hopper. In the 21st Century famous faces range from rapper Eminem, actress Jennifer Lawrence, and the first African American president, Barack Obama.

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