Government relations

A decade of rule by the Hindu-nationalist BJP has seen a combustible mixture of technocratic reform and political interference in higher education. But the party’s below-par showing in this month’s general election has left some academics daring to hope for quieter days ahead. Helen Packer reports

20 June

England’s Department for Education has deaccredited some universities while approving a range of alternative providers and strictly defining course contents. But while defenders hail an evidence-based push for quality, others decry a level of political overreach that could spread to other disciplines

11 April

Recruitment of domestic school-leavers is stagnant amid concerns over rising graduate debt levels and weak employment outcomes. With ministers keen to turbocharge enrolment to upskill the nation, John Ross examines how higher education institutions can win back a disaffected generation

9 November

Amid concerns about value for money and the supposed liberal bias of certain humanities and social science subjects, conservative politicians are increasingly intervening in curricular decisions. Do such subjects still have a place at public universities – and who should get to decide, asks Paul Basken

12 October

After a tumultuous 2022, what will the new year bring for higher education? Some of the UK sector’s respected crystal-ball gazers offer their predictions for 2023

5 January

Universities are too often used for political point-scoring. Finding a way to implement and protect long-term plans for the sector would benefit all

23 June