Chinese University of Hong KongResearch Excellence and Innovation at CUHK

Research Excellence and Innovation at CUHK


As a champion of research and innovation that creates value and brings benefits to society, CUHK is recognised as a leading research university in Asia and among the best in the world.



In the University’s Strategic Plan 2021–25four strategic areas of research are identified based on our research excellence to address some of the most pressing issues of the world today. 

1. China: Tradition and Modernity 

CUHK has been a leader in China research, with over 200 faculty members working on and a good number of centres and institutes devoted to various aspects of China Studies. Research on China at CUHK is bilingual and multidisciplinary. This is a distinguishing feature of the University’s China research, which few other universities can rival. ‘China: Tradition and Modernity’ eschews disciplinary divides and seeks to focus research on key issues from multidisciplinary perspectives, to foster understanding and identify the challenges and opportunities in China’s development.

2. Innovative Biomedicine

CUHK is a world leader in genetic, genomic and precision medicine. The HKSAR Government has launched a series of initiatives related to translational biomedicine. There are also opportunities for the commercialisation of biomedical inventions. CUHK will make use of these opportunities and resources to build on its successes and lay claim to being one of the most innovative universities in the world.

3. Information & Automation Technology

Applications of AI and machine learning are already creating a significant impact on multiple fields, in both STEM and non-STEM disciplines. CUHK is already a leading institution in Asia in machine learning and AI research. The potential of information and automation technology in contributing to healthy and smart living is immense. CUHK will capitalise on its strength and further raise its research capabilities in this area.

4. Environment & Sustainability

For good reasons, practically all the top universities in the world focus on research and innovation in the area of environment and sustainability. Environment and sustainability, as an integral research area, was identified as a key focus in the CUHK Strategic Plan 2016–2020. Good progress has been made and ‘CUHK 2025’ will continue to develop research and innovation in this area.



Hong Kong is transforming itself into a global hub of innovation and technology. CUHK, recognised as one of the most innovative universities in the city and the region, is playing a leading role in this effort.

The University has established six InnoHK Centres covering health, biomedicine, robotics and artificial intelligence under the InnoHK initiative, a HK$10 billion (US$1.3 billion) scheme of the Hong Kong Government to develop the city as the hub for global research collaboration. In partnership with prestigious universities worldwide, the centres apply CUHK’s world-class discoveries to generate translational impact and cultivate talents in the innovation and technology sector.

CUHK has spared no effort to promote knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship to benefit the world. It has seeded two unicorns with one in early cancer detection and another in artificial intelligence–the most among all universities in Hong Kong, in addition to supporting many startups and spinout companies. The University’s close proximity to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park, the territory’s research incubator, further facilitates entrepreneurial and start-up development.

Nationally, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology announced new policies that will enable universities and research institutions in Hong Kong to compete directly for national research funding. CUHK is Hong Kong’s first university to establish a comprehensive presence in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) that drives and facilitates collaboration among industry, academia and research. Since the release of the Central Government’s Outline Development Plan for GBA, CUHK has continued to actively widen its blueprint in the region. Backed by a reputation of ground-breaking research, an innovative spirit, together with extensive training and support for innovation and entrepreneurship on our campus, CUHK is propelling an innovative future for Hong Kong and beyond.

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